Arena for Blodslitet 2015 is "Horgen Vestre", Map of the Arena is attached at the last pages with this bulletin.


Arrival and Parking
Access to the Arena will be from the West. To avoid traffic through the Arena, the eastern road will be closed at the Liane crossroad with no acess to Elindvegen (fv358).
Exit from the north will be marked from E6 at junction 11. Exit from the south will be marked from E6 at junction 10. Details are shown in attachment 1 and 2.
Parking will be organized at a field close by the arena. The parking fee will be 50 NOK.
If there are wet conditions the parking will be moved to a place with better surface. Information regarding parking will be continuously distributed on


Horgen 1:7500 og 1:10000, Veum 1:15000. Ekvidistanse 5 m, contour interval 5 m, last updated 2015.


This year event will be held in the area named “Nordre Veum” Northwest in Fredrikstad. Areas alternates between grown spruce , pine -clad mountain hills , dense deciduous parties, thinning forests and logging fields. The terrain is medium hilly but has some steep sloping hillsides that are o- technically demanding . Occasionally poor detail surfaces with semi dense forests and diffuse marshlands. It runs s a number of large and small paths through the map, which is a mixture of forest roads / timber trains and hiking trails. Some areas have restrictions for runners crossing. This areas is marked by red hatches on the map.


Classes and Course Information




Marked routes are included in the length.


Number bibs
All runners is required to wear number bibs well visible. They will be available in the team bag.


Competition clothing
According to the competition rules of Norwegian Orienteering Federation the competitionclothes shall cover the whole body except head and arms.

Team bag

Rented emit cards, backup labels, number bibs and maps for the runners in D/H10, D/H11-12 and N Open are in the team bag. Check that the emit card number is correct according to the start list. Errors should be reported to the event office (løpskontoret) before start.
Payment has to be done in advance of receiving the team bag. If the payment is done the last days before the event, a receipt has to brought with you. It is also possible to pay at our bank terminal. Rented emit cards should be returned by club to the event office. If failing to do so, or returning a damaged emit card, the club will be charged for the cost of a new one.


The maps for the D/H10, D/H11-12 and N Åpen are only copies. The runners will get a new map on the start line.


Runners in D/H17-18, D/H19-20 og D/H21-: EmiTag, GPS og displaycards
All runners in D/H17-18, D/H19-20 and D/H21- must run with an EmiTag and an EmitCard. Those who are not registered with own EmiTag/EmitCard will get a EmitCard in the team bag. The EmiTag is available in the tent close to start. Please visit our tent in good time before start! Some selected runners will run with a GPS. GPS-units will be available in the tent at the start. Runners in D/H17-18, D/H19-20 and D/H21 must not use display cards. Runners registered with display-cards will find rented emit cards as replacement in the team bag.


Fair Play:
See NOFs competition rules, paragraph 13.2 regarding fair play.


GPS-tracking shown at arena and internet:
GPS tracking will be shown at arena. It is not allowed to get information about the map or courses by using electronically facilities during the competition.


All runners must activate their emit cards before entering the start area. Runners failing to activate their emit card, will be disqualified. There are mass start in all classes. Maps are marked with the number of the runner. The runner is responsible for taking the right map. The marked route to the start point is compulsory to follow (about 150m)


Splitting system
There is no splitting system in N Åpen, D/H10, D/H11-12, D/H13-14, D65- older and H75- older. D/H21-, D/H17-18 and D/H19-20 will first run 2 forked short loops, while H21- will run 3 forked short loops, with a map exchange after each loop. New maps are available at the map stand. Remember to take the right map according to your start bib. Map for the last loop in D/H17-18 and D/H19-20 are available from marked boxes at the end of the map stand. «Butterfly systems» are used for splitting in other classes. The map stand is located south of the road/Arena.


Drink stations for D/H21-, D/H17-18 and D/H19-20 will be available on the arena (when changing maps) and in the forest. For the other classes all of the drink stations are in the forest and not situated on controls. They are marked by a cup symbol on the map.


Out of bounds
Forbidden areas are marked on the maps using the out-of-bounds symbol. Running through forbidden areas will lead to disqualification. It is allowed to run on fields which are not marked on the maps with the out-of-bounds symbol. Border running along the fields marked with the out-of-bounds symbol is allowed. It is forbidden to run through areas which have olive green colour at the map. For information, see the courses for N Åpen, D/H10 and D/H11-12 at


Dangerous marsh
Special awareness has to be taken regarding a marked sinking-marsh with no hold.


Road crossings
Some of the tracks will crosses roads with ordinary traffic. For some tracks there will also be necessary to run along such roads. It is allowed to both cross and follow roads but special attention has to be taken by the runners to avoid accidents. Sign will be set out to inform drivers of the event and possibilities of crossing runners. For some crossings there will be guards helping the runners to cross safely, but the runners have to take the responsibility for own safety.

Controls near the arena
There will be 2 different last controls, so checking codes will be essential. There is one for D/H21-, D/H17-18 and D/H19-20 and another one for the other classes. Please note that for the classes D/H21-, D/H17-18 and D/H19-20 the last control and the last control in the loops are the same control. It is very important to choose the right marked route; either to passing to new map (to the right) or finish (straight forward).

It is forbidden to use GPS-watches in D/H21- (acc. To IOF rules)


All runners in the ordinary Blodslitet must punch the emit unit after crossing the finish line. The runners in the classes D/H21-, D/H17-18 and D/H19-20 have a separate finish and the time will be registered when passing the finish line.


Last finish/map change
Finish will close at 15.30. Runners realizing they will not complete the race before this time, are required to give up the race, get back to the arena and notify the finish. Runners that have not passed the last map change by 14.00 will be required to end the race. Followers to runners in N Åpen must not pass the finish line.


Any complaints must be in written and forwarded to the organisers at the event office within 15 minutes after announced by the speaker.


None finnishing runners
None finnishing runners most return the backup card in the event office. This is important for organizers to secure runners safety.


Open classes
The D/H Open, D/H Open B, D/H10 and D/H11-12 are open for entries until 1h before start. The entries can be notified in the event office.

New clearcutting area
A new clearcutting area has appeared after map completion. Class H35, H40, H45 and H50 are affected by this. Information about this is shown at information boar at the arena.


Shower with hot water and toilets are south at the arena (see the arena map)


Team tents and banners
Team tents shall be placed in a certain area (see event map). Banners should not be placed along the last distance before finish. This regulation is made to avoid reduction of sight for the spectators.


Game observation
Game observation shall be reported to the event office.


Prize giving ceremony
There will not be a prize giving ceremony for the classes H/D35 and above. Prizes must be collected at the prize tent at the area.
A sprint prize «Sløyfeprisen» will be given to the one leading the race before entering the last long loop (last control at the last short loop). To be a winner of such a price, the race has to be completed. All prizes must be collected at the arena.

Badges for completed Blodslitet

Specially made pins are available for runners completing their, and the time at a cost of 25 kr/piece.


Children's park
Children's park (with supervision) is available at the arena. The park is open for children at the age of two years or older.


The Jury will be organized by “Østfold orienteringskrets”. 

Hanne L. Raadahl (HSK)   480 66 654

Sigmund Vister (IØOK) 995 46 461

Bernt O. Myrvold  (SOL) 908 73 448

Technical delegate
Kjell Holene


Lost items
If something is lost, please use the "Blodslitet App" or contact Jørn Christen Johnsen at 
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or +47 900 21 716. Items will be kept for two weeks after the race.


Attachment 1: Arrival with car from E6 north



Marking from junction 11, E6 at Råde (Exit for Fredrikstad and Råde)




Attachment 2: Arrival with car from E6 south



Marking from junction 10, E6 at Missingmyr (Exit Råde and Svinndal)



Attachment 3: Overview for the Arena


Attachment 4: Finish area


Attachment 5: Map exchange and refreshment support